A memorable way to bring a fun-filled summer to a close, the Annual Mackinac Bridge Walk is the only day of the year that walking across the ‘Mighty Mac’ is allowed! This annual event began in 1958 with only 68 walkers and is usually led by Michigan’s Governor. We invite you to experience with family and friends the breathtaking views, fun and fellowship with other Bridge walkers this year – the walk begins at 7am on Labor Day (Sept 5, 2022) and concludes at 11am.

Because vehicles are not allowed on the bridge during the walk, you have 2 options to get back to your origin point:

  1. Only walk halfway across the bridge and then walk back to your origin

If you want to do the entire bridge walk one way:

  1. Take a ferry boat from Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry Company, back to the other side. Boats will be running out of Mackinaw City and St Ignace docks. We have maps to download for walking directions from the bridge to the dock.

After you finish the walk, why not take the ferry to Mackinac Island and spend some time enjoying the horses, fudge, forts, and spectacular views?

Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry Boats will be leaving 6am-noon on the hour from our Mackinaw City dock and St Ignace dock #1.


  • Adults $30
  • Children (ages 5-12) $10

Info for Bridge Walk: http://www.mightymac.org/bridgewalk.htm

Buy Ferry Tickets: https://tickets.mackinacferry.com/webstore/shop/viewItems.aspx?cg=ferrytickets&c=laborday

Mackinac Island Ferry Company Mackinac Bridge Walk

Mackinac Island Ferry Company Mackinac Bridge Walk

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