Star Line is dedicated to getting freight to Mackinac Island efficiently & safely.

Transporting freight is crucial to Mackinac Island residents, businesses and visitors.  Star Line now offers reliable and timely freight departures beginning at 6:30 AM every weekday and Saturday from our St. Ignace location only at Dock #2.

Please call 906-298-1737 for competitive rates.



Flat Rate Fees

Minimum 0-100 lbs…$5.25

Half Cart…$20.00
Full Cart…$30.00
*It is considered a full cart if nothing else can be added to the cart.

Bikes-Round Trip…$13.00

Snowmobile-One Way…$30.00
Golf Cart-One Way…$26.00
Kayak-One Way…$11.00

Returns-Empties per Bag/Case…$1.50
Returns-Empties per Keg/C02…$2.00

Anti-Freeze Single Unit…$3.00
Anti-Freeze 55 gal drum each…$7.00
Co2 Tanks-Each One Way…$6.90
Propane Cylinders-One Way…$9.00
Propane Tanks Large-One Way…$27.00
Wood Pellets-per Pallet…$50.00

Bulk Rates per 100 lbs

Building Supplies
Building Supplies Under 5000 lbs…$5.25
Building Supplies Over 5000 lbs…$3.25
Pallets of Cement Blocks-per Pallet…$63.00
Cement Bags/Ice Melt-per Bag…$4.00

Food and Beverage
Food-per 100 lbs…$5.75
Liquor/Wine-per 100 pounds…$6.50
Soda/Beer/Milk-per per 100 pounds…$3.95
Bread-per Tray…$0.55

Hay-per square Bale…$1.00
Horse Feed-per 100 pounds…$3.25
Horses-One Way…$40.00*
*(Mon thru Fri ONLY) – Reservations Required

Furniture, Appliances, Supplies…$7.00 per 100 pounds

Landscaping Materials
Per 100 lbs…$4.95
Flowers-per Flat/Box… $3.50

Customer Testimonial

Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you how appreciated your new freight department is by us here at the Inn on Mackinac.  When I say that you have better service than we received from another ferry line, I would like to let you know that our freight arrives each morning between 7:30 am and 7:40 am and is delivered to our kitchen unlike before when it was set on the sidewalk in the middle of the day.

Your company makes sure everything we ordered is there and calls Sysco to correct the problem before informing us of the issue, saving us valuable time during a busy morning.  You also keep us informed from the moment the order is delivered, if the Sysco truck is running late and thus you will be as well.  Your crew is personable and interacts well with all of the staff, who are all much happier now that their supplies are being delivered before they even need them.  IT IS TOP NOTCH SERVICE AND BY FAR A MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN THE SERVICE WE HAD BEEN RECEIVING.

Keep up the good work in your expansion of the freight company!

Jaclyn vonLinsowe

General Manager