For the weekend of August 26-28, 2022, Mackinac Island will be celebrating its famous dessert, FUDGE, with a Fudge Festival. What better way to celebrate than to feature several fudge-related, fun, family events!

Fudge-making demonstrations, fudge giveaways, fudge bingo, and even fudge-flavored cocktails are all on the big events and activities list that will roll out for three days, beginning on Friday, August 26. And just like always, visitors will be able to find their favorite flavors, from dark chocolate to peanut butter and even vanilla and cherry fudge.

While fudge was not invented on Mackinac Island, it most certainly – and most deliciously – was perfected there. For over a century a distinguished line of candy makers on Mackinac Island have worked their magic on marble slabs and created a treat so sweet and creamy that it embodies the essence of pure bliss.

Island lovers know that Mackinac is the place to indulge their sweet tooth. Here are some fast facts on its fudge:

  • Mackinac Island is known as the Fudge Capital of the World
  • It’s home to 13 fudge shops
  • Those shops make about 10,000 pounds of fudge a day
  • 10 tons of sugar is brought over to the island each week for fudge-making

As always, Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry Company is ready to ferry fudge-lovers young and old over to the island. Check out our ferry schedule! Our boats conveniently depart every 30 minutes, and you can get first-come, first-served FREE dockside parking. There is additional free parking in lots nearby too! If you want to guarantee your spot on a ferry at a certain time, there is a “Priority Boarding” upgrade available. For those planning on staying at a hotel or campground, you can leave your vehicle there and call us for a free shuttle ride to the dock. Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry Company is here to help you get to the fun faster!

Book your ferry HERE. See below for a full list of fudge festival events:

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