Are you looking for an exciting and unique way to explore Mackinac Island? Look no further than the mackPASS! The mackPASS adventure attraction tickets are perfect for families, couples, or groups of friends who want to experience something truly special. You will receive round trip, fastPASS ferry tickets to get you to and from the island. Don’t worry about scheduling a date and time, your ferry tickets will be good for anytime and any day during the season! You also receive horse-drawn carriage tour tickets. These Mackinac Island tours are a great way to learn about the island from history, to legend, and even good places to eat or visit!

A mackPASS doesn’t just allow you to ride a ferry and take a carriage ride, you also can choose from a variety of add-on packages to keep the fun going!

Original Butterfly House Add-On

At the Original Butterfly House on Mackinac Island, they focus on conservation and education, but don’t forget to have fun! A visit to the Original Butterfly House is filled with butterflies, other bugs, and a few animals.

Jack Pine Lumberjack Show Add-On

The Jack Pine Lumberjack Show offers entertainment in the form of a historic competition. Throughout the history of Michigan, lumberjacks have been having competitions to keep entertained. Join a modern recreation for an unforgettable show.

Grand Hotel Lunch Buffet Add-On

A lunch at the Grand Hotel buffet includes a buffet on the porch of The Grand. Enjoy a delicious lunch surrounded by the beauty of The Grand – known for its excellent service and its beautiful grounds.

Mystery Town USA Add-On

Mystery Town, USA is an attraction that is centered around the mysteries of the world. Explore the mysteries of the world in a maze filled with various myths and legends like The Michigan Dogman, Loch Ness Monster, a unicorn forest, Area 51, and so much more!

Fort Add-On

Fort Mackinac or Fort Michilimackinac tickets are available as ticket add-ons. Get immersed in the history of the straits area with trips to the historic state parks of Fort Mackinac and Fort Michilimackinac. These forts offer a look into what life was like in colonial times.

The mackPASS is the best and most affordable way to make the most of your time on Mackinac Island. Why waste time in each and every line purchasing tickets for the attractions you want to see when you could have the ferry, carriage ride, forts, and butterflies all covered by one easy ticket?

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